Thoughts in a balloon!

Thoughts in a balloon!

Last time I wrote my eZine about summer-stress-time. Well, we are still in the middle of it! Do you recognize situations where you could just about organize what was needed? You arrive late at the airport. It is so busy at the airport, what are all those people doing here? Uh, yes, catching a flight…! Fully booked aircrafts, colleagues wanting to travelling with their families. And yet, right now, you don’t feel good! More about this in my lead article.

I’ll be back in two weeks!
Have a good time!

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Article:Thoughts in a balloon!

Busily engaged briefing and shaking hands of the family of crew members trying to get on the flight. It’s all nice. But you’re faced with the fact that don’t feel well. While walking to the gate, you can fortunately share your feelings with your colleague who’s working in the same pantry as you are. That’s a relief for the moment. It was so nice that your colleague was a listening ear!

Once on board the aircraft, doing your preflight checklist, there are many people still on board, amongst them catering and cleaning services. Normally you can handle this perfectly well. However, today is one of those days, that you can hardly cope with it! You wished you could! Just now, then you would be able to feel relaxed. Oh, help! There they come, the passengers…

Now you switch onto automatic pilot. You are hiding behind your uniform. You are so glad you are wearing this. However, during embarcation you start to develop a tremendous headache. You definitively want this to change for the better! If only you knew how to change this, right now, at this moment!

Please, let me help you!

  1. Relax your breathing: breathe in and breathe out in your own rythm. You can even do this at the door, when you are standing, welcoming the passengers!
  2. Feel in your body what is happening.
  3. Send your breath (so to speak) to your head, where you feel the pain.
  4. Feel what is happening.
  5. Notice what thoughts enter your mind?
  6. Imagine a balloon and in your imagination put all the thoughts causing you a headache, into this balloon.
  7. When you are sure that you have all these thoughts in this balloon, tie a knot and let go of the balloon!!
  8. Feel how nice it is. You got rid of every thought which was bothering you!
  9. Be aware of your breathing and feel what is going on in your head, what has changed?
  10. If it feels pleasant, be thankful to yourself and make it a nice flight!
  11. If there are still thoughts bothering you, imagine a new balloon and start over the procedure again.
  12. Stay aware of your breathing and your body.
  13. Notice what you are feeling.
  14. Repeat as long as you need to, and you will feel good!!

Sometimes you need some more than this. It would be too much to write it all here.

If you feel you need something else, or if you are bothered more and more often with situations like this, then I invite you to contact me. I can help you and I would love to!

You can simply reply to this e mail. I respond to every email that I receive! I wish you luck and I wish you happy flights and happy landings!

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