I wonder how you are doing!? Have you been working on your goals that I wrote about last time? I am curious. Would you please let me know? That would be much appreciated! Are you enjoying the summer, at home or en route? If you are working, are you all set, organising everything at home? If you have small children during summer time, it can be a challenge. I remember it very well! What can you do, to have a relaxed summer, even though you are still working and your children have their holidays?

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Meanwhile, enjoy the summer!

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Article: Summer-Stress-Time

That is how it can feel if you are an airline crew member and have small children. Is everything organized at home before you leave? Because this is what the joy of your flying job hinges on!! Sometimes a grandmother takes care of the children, another time, a good friend, another time your husband takes some days off from work. In this eZine, I am focusing more on flying mums and dads!

At this time of year, the feeling of stress can increase… How can you keep your balance? How should you take care of yourself, so that you can relax and be fully focused when at home? How should you take care of yourself, so that you can have a relaxed flight and enjoy yourself en route? The pitfalls you want to avoid! Pitfalls are around the corner; do you recognize them?

  1. You’re thinking that you are the one who’s got to find a solution for everything.
  2. You’re thinking that you are the one who is able to solve everything.
  3. You’re thinking that you don’t need any help at all.

It can feel a heavy burden, when you think you are the only one who is able to solve everything! You ask for weekend flights only , so that you are at home during the week. This is possible, when you have a partner, and also when your partner is free on the weekend and able to be with your children! Still, how does this make you feel? Is it what you really want?

If you have the feeling that you must be able to solve and organize everything, this is quite a burden! Why is it, that you think you have to be able to solve and organize everything? It’s also a shame that, you are excluding others, who would perhaps have some wonderful out of the box ideas to help you solve your problems?

You don’t need any help, since you are strong! You are creative and you must not complain or be a nuisance. There is no need to bother others with your problems. You work it out for yourself!.

I am getting tired writing all this. How do you feel about it? What is it what you would prefer?

There are other solutions!

  1. Being able to think that you are not the only one that has to solve everything.
  2. Being able to think, that you are not the only one that is able to solve everything!
  3. You are allowed to ask for help!

How do these thoughts feel? When you believe that you don’t have to solve everything, it can give you lots of mental space! It invites you to check with others. You don’t have to be chained to thoughts such as: “It was me who wanted to fly, so I have to find solutions to everything “. Instead, it could be: “I am going to fly, who would love to help me!? If you are of the opinion that you don’t have to be able to solve everything, what happens to you? It can feel strange. However, you are not superman or superwoman…!! 🙂 To be honest, it can be quite arrogant to think you are able to solve everything….

Create some space for yourself! Somebody else might be able to help you find a solution! You are allowed to ask for help… 🙂

If this is unfamiliar it can be very exciting! What would happen if you were able to take this step? Look at it the other way around! How would it feel for you, if somebody else asked you for help? Would you think it strange? I guess not. I guess you are always willing to help others if you can! No problem! So please, look at it the other way around! Then you create the opportunity to do what is needed at that moment, whatever it may be! If it feels uncomfortable, ask yourself: what is the worst thing that could happen if I ask for help now?

I wish you a very relaxed and sunny summer, especially if you are flying all summer!

Please send me any questions you might have! By replying to this email. You are very welcome!

I wish you good luck and fun. I’ll be back in two weeks’ time. ‘Til then, Marian.

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