Reaching your goals step by step!

Reaching your goals step by step!

In one of my previous eZines, I wrote about our daughter Emmy taking her final school exams. I am happy to let you know that she succeeded!! Mission accomplished. She has been working really hard; she deserves it! She has achieved her goal, and the next challenge is just around the corner! This article is about setting goals in such a way that you will be able to achieve them easy, step by step! I invite you to read on!

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Article: Reaching your goals step by step!

Achieve your goal one step at a time! I would like to share this story with you. One of my clients asked for my help because she wanted to stop smoking. She has wanted to do this for years now but there were always excuses not to. On board she doesn’t smoke obviously. This is no problem! However, as soon as possible, the very first thing she does after landing is to light a cigarette! It makes no difference whether the flight took one or ten hours…. .

Of course this is just one example of a goal and you can set your own goal! It can be anything!

In the story above, the first step we made was to identify what my client wanted to achieve! Once this was done, instead of her focus being “I need to stop what i enjoy right now”, it became focussed on “what benefits do I want to realise” and so her goal became much more attractive and she wanted to go for it!

Stopping smoking became: I would like to live a healthy life. She found that very attractive. Living a healthy life meant for her, doing more sport, leaving ciagarettes behind, clearingher lungs, having more endurance, feeling fit on board and at home and tasting more. In summary, an improvement in the quality of her life!

The next question I asked her, was, what are you able to do yourself? Well, it sounds logically to say, “not buying any more cigarettes or smoking them anymore 🙂 Of course, that is just the beginning. Now, name 10 other things you could do by yourself to live a more healthy life. Imagine how you would do that. Imagine, one of the things is doing more sport. Think about how you would do that, how many times a week etc. Notice what thoughts are coming up, think about how you feel and imagine exactly what would you do. Does that make you happy? If so, then you know this is good, and you know that this is going to work. If not, investigate what is not good and think about why it does not feel good. Repeat this until it feels positive.

Imagine when and where you would like to achieve this. “Everywhere and always”! She said. Starting when? Mention a specific date and stick to it! Only when it feels good, will it work. When something doesn’t feel good, notice which thoughts you have that you would like to change. Don’t stop until every thought feels good!

Then I asked her to start thinking as if she had already achieved her goal!

  • What would you notice having reached your goal?
  • What would you see?
  • What would you hear?
  • What would you smell?
  • What would you think?
  • What mood are you in?
  • What would you say to yourself?
  • What would you do and how?
  • What would you fantasize?

At each answer: notice how you are feeling!! Then, come back and ask yourself, what you need to do to reach your goal? Think about all the qualities you have. They are there! How can you use these qualities to reach your goal? Ask yourself what you can do already. This may be in a totally different context! If you are able to do something in a totally different context, the good news is, you have got it in you! Now what you want to do is, learn to “translate” this to your goal: a healthy life!

There were a few more questions to be anwered. One of them was: what is the reason why you haven’t reached your goal yet? And, what is keeping you from your goal? Smoking provides you with something, that means you have not yet achieved your goal and are living a healthier life. What is it? Please think carefully about this question! Here is the sting! Also ask yourself the question what does this mean to you! What is it that you would have given up, once you’ve reached your goal? Are you willing to give that up?What is the goal behind your goal?

What would your family and friends say, when you’ve reached your goal? Having reached your goal, how will this change your life? At each question, ask yourself: What are my thoughts? As a result of these thoughts, what do I feel? What am I doing then? It became a wonderful “goal-form”, her “goal-form”!

Once again, you can use these questions with any of your own goals that you would like to achieve! I wish you good luck and hope you enjoy your journey!

Could you use some help with breaking down your goals into an easy step by step approach? If so, i’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you. Simply answer this email to contact me. You’re most welcome!

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