Preparing your flight safety exam? Identify your qualities and your pitfalls!

Preparing your flight safety exam? Identify your qualities and your pitfalls!

It is a very exciting time here in the Huijsser household: Emmy started her final school-exams last Monday! It has been a complete study-house and it still is: books, notes etc. everywhere. It is fine really. This is apparently the best way she can concentrate and study.

Do you recognise this? What do you do to prepare for your annual flight safety currency? Everybody has their own style of studying. The most important thing is to find what suits you, becuase then and only then will you be able to concentrate. Especially when it is for ‘flight safety’, because it’s not the most inspiring topic… I invite you to read on in my lead article, I might have some interesting news and tips for you!

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Article: Preparing your flight safety exam? Identify your qualities and your pitfalls!

The flight safety exam is one of the less favourite things of inflight crew. During the year there are amendements and also changes. Why do so many cabin attendants fear the flight safety exams? The book is dull, the content is tough and the way it is formulated is very boring.
I know flight attendants who say: “I only have to do my flight safety exam 7 more times and then I am retiring…”. The years are being counted…

Do you recognize this? Everybody handles this in their own way. You can hear it in the way someone expresses him/herself!

  • Are you somone who likes to do things? For instance, do you say: “I am going to do this, I am going to undertake that etc. Action!
  • Are you someone who likes to think first: Do you prefer to use the words: i’ll consider, think about, sleep on it?
  • Are you somone who’s feelings take precedence in everything you do?: “this doesn’t feel right, it gives me a headache, my stomach is in knots while thinking about it etc.

We distinguish 3 combinations:

  1. “feeler/thinker”:
    qualities: very empathathetic, well considered, thinks of the long term, has past, now and future in sight.
    pitfalls:  indecisive,  depressive/worrier,  forgets him/herself.

  2. “doer/feeler”:
    entrepreneur, enthusiastic, impulsive, now, external sensation.
    pitfalls:  restless, unreliable, anger, unpredictable.

  3. “doer/thinker”
    action, focuses on the future, no beating about the bush, appointment=appointment
    pitfalls:  danger of burn out  systematical the end justifies the means straightforward.

Of course, it is not always black and white. We all have a doer, a feeler and a thinker in ourselves! It is like a unity. In the most perfect way, they are congruent: You can have a thought, automatically it gives you a certain feeling, and this leads to you doing something. In other words:

Something starts with a thought, that gives you a certain feeling, and the things you do afterwards are a logical result of these thoughts and feelings.

An example:

  • Thought: Actually I should study for my flight safety but I don’t feel like doing it now.
  • Feeling: it gives me a stomachache.
  • What have you done: postpone.

Another example:

  • Thought: I should go and study for my flight safety exam, I don’t feel like it, but I do start anyway.
  • Feeling: first, stomachache, then happy.
  • What have you done: started!

Do you realize how your thoughts lead you into action? Give it a try with your own example!

A few tips:

Do you see yourself more as a “thinker”: think about what works best for you: how have you prepared for your Flight Safety exams until now? Are you happy with that? Does it also feel right? Then don’t change a thing. If you are unhappy with that, then think what you would like to change. Think about how you can achieve that in a practical way and find out what the result can be. Be aware off what you feel in your body. Is it congruent? Then you know in your head and in your hart it is right!

Do you see yourself more as a “feeler”: Feel very carefully how you feel when you delay starting your exam preparation. Consider very carefully how you feel when you select a certain date and time to really start your preparation. Then what are your thoughts? Do they feel good? then you know in your head and in your hart it is right!

Do you recognize yourself more as an “doer”: Write things down, make mindmaps, drawings. What thoughts are coming up? How does that feel? If you have the feeling you really can start that way, it’s congruent. Then you know in your head and in your hart it is right and you can start!

I wish you good luck with your next flight safety exams.

Please realize:

When you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got!

Would you like to learn more about this, or have you got any questions? Please reply to this email. I look forward to hearing from you – You are always welcome!

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