Not now but then yes!

Not now but then yes!



I really enjoyed the beautiful weather last Sunday! If you were in Amsterdam, then I am sure you enjoyed it too! If you were en route, you probably also had nice weather 🙂

Two weeks ago our dog had some minor surgery. Minor surgery,but with big consequences…. Sascha, our dog, is 11.5 years old. Indeed an elderly lady. The surgery was on her leg andsuperficial. However, now, two weeks later, she is walking on three legs…. It is very clever and strong of her! You can tell by the look of her, that it takes alot of energy… And of course, this is not right! I am so glad, Emmy, our eldest daughter, is studying at home for her final exams! This gives me the opportunity to do my work as a trainer and see my clients in my office. If we had had too, we would of course, have found another solution! However, this is easy! How would you cope under these kind of circumstances when you are going to fly? Imagine that something is wrong with your husband, wife, children or pet? Or parents or other people you care about?

This is what my lead article is about!


I hope you enjoy reading it and I’ll be back in two weeks time!



Do you recognize the situation that, something is not going smoothly and the day that you have to fly is getting nearer and nearer… You hope everything will be fine before you have to leave!


You are getting more nervous. Of course you can call in sick. You are seriously thinking about doing that, but you decide you are going to fly. What is happening now is not nice, but not serious enough to call in sick. But it goes through your mind all the time…


You check with your family and friends. Fortunately there are people nearby who are willing to help. You are relieved and happy. However you can’t deny that it gives you a heavy heart…. However, this is what it is.


Your family and friends tell you kindly to “ just go and enjoy the sun”. And yet, it, doesn’t feel right! How can you enjoy the sun??!! You don’t want to go away, even if it was raining cats and dogs!You feel misunderstood, but lying that ‘you’re fine’ is your job! It has been your choice to do so. Like others have made their own choices too!


Then you’re off, you feel a lump in your throatwhen you drive to the airport. You really hope that you will have a nice crew, otherwise it will feel like a long journey, even though you are only away for 4 days…


You decide to make the best of it. Arriving at the parkinglot, you notice the tail lights of the shuttlebus… Bad luck. This is going to be tight. You left just a bit late because you were writing a last note with “instructions”…


You sign up for your flight just in time. You check the names of the crew. No familiar names. You just hoped for someone to be able to share your worries with and to get it off your chest. Too bad….


What else can you do? Your unit coach is not in the office. You don’t feel like talking to someone you don’t know….

Just make time for yourself, even if it is only a few seconds, that’s enough, it makes such a difference! It can be anywhere, may be in a private room, the toilet?


  • Stand upright!
  • Breath in deeply.
  • Notice what your breathing is doing to you.
  • Notice the tension of your muscles.
  • Create more space in your chest and stomach area when inhaling.
  • Relase your muscles, especially in your shoulders, every time you breathe out.
  • Check how your face feels.Pay attention to your face and relax it. Try to release the frown between your eyebrows.
  • Feel how it feels better!


Than make a decision; you are going to celebrate!

Make a date with yourself:

celebrate with a meal in your favorite restaurant, go on a tour that you have wanted to do for long time but which you have never done, or visit a museum. You decide.

Look at yourself with purpose. Give yourself a smile – even though this can be tough at the moment – ! Just as long as you feel lighter and happier in yourself.


Then you have to go! While walking to the briefing room, you know, it will be alright and you should be very proud of yourself!


Have a good flight 🙂

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