Living with purpose!

Living with purpose!

Note from Marian:

I do hope you have had a lovely Easter, at home, on board or en route?! Wherever you were, I do hope the weather was nice. Here in Hoofddorp, Near Amsterdam-Schiphol airport, the sun really did make an effort to break through. I took the chance to sit outside, out of the wind in the sun and enjoyed it. Spring is coming. We are all longing for it! The month of March is feast month here. Both our childerencelebrate their birthdays in March. Our daughter turned 18 and our son turned 16 years old. Grown children! Emmy is an adult now in the eyes of Duch law! Time flies. It is a cliché, my mom used to say, and her mom too. Now I am experiencing it myself… I find, the more that I live my life with purpose, the less I feel it is slipping through my fingers. I am happy with that. I’ve concluded that it is a mindset. It took me some exercize, but i am now at ease with it.

Are you longing for that too? Especially when you’re flying, you may sometines have the feeling that some “pieces” are missing. I remember this very well.

I invite you to read on!


Lead article:

Start living a life with purpose in 4 steps!


Do you recognize this: you live your life, it is Ok; not good not bad. Time flies. It is slipping through your fingers. Oops, April already… You recognize this from previous years. You would love to do lots of things. It doesn’t happen..


So many ways to live a life with purpose. Let’s start with something small. Something small with a lot of impact. It is amazing to realize everything that you need; a house, food, a nice job, money, security. It is all there. Health care is organized. And yet, more and more people have the feeling that something is missing in their lives. Frustration, restlessness, boredom, and stress is the result.

We are connected with everything and everybody via the internet. Everything is at our fingertips. It is so easy to keep in contact en route as well, which is nice. However, you may have the feeling that something is missing. You remember there were times when you were more happy in life and you would like to experience it again.


1 The good news is, you have got everything already! All you need to do is to activate it!

Start getting out of your bed with purpose.

Look at yourself in the miror with purpose.

Wish yourself a very good morning with purpose.

Smile at yourself with purpose.

Greet the people you live with, with purpose.

Eat your breakfast with purpose.

Decide with purpose what you are going to do this day. Make plans, with purpose.

Maybe you are free, maybe you are flying today. It doesn’t matter, make sure you do everything with purpose!


2 Do what you have decided to do with purpose. Imagine, that you decided in the morning to prepare an evening meal that you have never prepared before. Go and do your shopping with purpose to get all the ingredients. Cook with purpose. If you are en route, go shopping with purpose, go and visit a museum with purpose, go and do a tour with purpose. Do everything with purpose!


3 Important: ENJOY! That is what makes you feel happy. Essential in living with purpose is to enjoy with purpose. No extra charge 🙂 and it brings you a lot more joy in life!


4 When you are in your bed at night, ask yourself 3 questions and answer honestly:

1 did I live with purpose today?

2 was I conscious of how I felt living with purpose?

3 What does that feel like now? Experience your feelings and be aware of what is happening in your body!


Brief: Allow yourself to live with purpose. No extra charge 🙂

Living with purpose means that you are taking ownership and responsibility of your life. You are in charge! It makes you feel happy. Become an artist of life! You can start right away 🙂 Good luck and enjoy!


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