Help, I’m back home again…!

Help, I’m back home again…!

Help, I’m back home again…. I was shocked the first time I heard a collegue say this…. ” A deep sigh, and then the words: “Help, i’m back home again”…. and she really meant it. I couldn’t understand… . Being back home is to me – and I would think for most people- the best destination. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone…Is this you? I tackle this topic in my lead article this week. I invite you to continue reading.

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Help, I’m back home again…!

In spite of social media and whats’app etcetera making communication easier, amoungst inflight crew, there is still a lot of loneliness. This is really very sad: you work very hard on board, being very sociable en route and then being very lonely at home….

How did it come to this? Well, when you give everything on board and en route, you have no more energy when you are at home to contact your friends . It is hard enough to call your family, if you get to that at all… You know that you should phone your friends for a social call, but you are really too tired…. Your friends called you whilst you were away and left avoice mail. You know you should call them but you are just too tired…..

Then before you know it, you are packing your suitcase again. This is how your life goes along… You can continue this way for years. Until the sad moment when there are no messages on your voicemail… Your friends have stopped trying…. They say that you are never at home…

Rationally, you know that what you are doing is not clever. But how can you change it? You are enthusiastic, you have nice colleagues, you have a great time together. When you’re away from home, the crew has a drink together…. and then another one…. and before you know it, it is far too late…and due to the time difference you’re over your tiredness.

The conversations are interesting and you’re having fun! But, you’re also impacting your energy reserves...How can you balance your energy on board and en route, so that you’re not too tired when you get home to make time for your friends.

There are 3 questions that you should ask yourself and remember they should be in harmony

  1. Thoughts: what are your thoughts?
  2. Feelings: what feeling comes with these thoughts?
  3. Behavior: what do you do, when these are your thoughts, and this is the feeling you have?

Is there something that needs to change? Please be honest with yourself! The only one you can fool here is yourself….

If these three questions are in harmony, you know you are okay!

If that is not the case, it is time for investigation: what is bothering you? Take the time you need to consider these three questions, until you achieve harmony. You’ll know when it feels right.

When you do this, you will be better able to balance doing what you like and for the longer term.

This might be a tough exercise to begin withas this is what you’ve always done! Doing it differently now, doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. Don’t be put off when you don’t immediately succeed! This is human. Try again!!

This might sound like a simple task! However, my experience tells me that you might also be feeling like you could use some help here. After all, it is a long established behavioural pattern that you’re looking to change. Just remember thatit will also bring you a lot: nice social contact on board and en route aswell as the energy to maintain and develop your friendships at home . And who knows what more?!

If you would like to change your pattern and find balance and happiness, contact me today! Online and using Skype, I can guide you to a different way of living, en route and at home. Another way of living: the thought of it makes you feel very happy! It is possible!

Contact me today and start today living the life you really want to live, the life which makes you feel happy!

As Johan Cruijff says: “If you would like to be happy, you have to do something that makes you happy”!

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