Happy in a soapbubble!

Happy in a soapbubble!

How are you? I hope you are enjoying your flights and having a great time en route and at home. Of course all flights are different and on most flights you meet nice colleagues. However, sometimes you encounter a colleague with whom you have no common ground; no connection….. You know this as soon as you shakei their hand in the briefing room. You ask yourself “why is this happening to me…?” This especially grates when you didn’t feel like going away from home in the first place and now you have to contend with this. The pressure mounts and you just know that this is going to be a “long” journey…” It needn’t be! Read my lead article to understand how you can easely overcome this! Enjoy!

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Article: Happy in a soapbubble!

When you shake hands with a new colleague with whom you realise you don’t have a connection, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. what are my first thoughts at this moment?
  2. How does this feel?
  3. How am i going to act or behave now and during the rest of the journey?

Then ask yourself what you would like instead!? For instance: I would like to work well together with my colleagues, whoever they are and enjoy my journey.

At the moment that you identify your preferred state, once again ask yourself the following questions:

  1. what are my first thoughts now?
  2. How does this make me feel?
  3. How am i going to behave now and for the rest of the journey?

Through this exercise you can position yourself in a positive mindset and be ready to enjoy your journey.

Take note that no-one else can spoil your journey – only you can do that 🙂 Indeed, if you allow someone else to influence your state of mind negatively, you are giving them power over you.

If you find yourself in a situation where this does happen and you are finding it difficult to achieve a positive mindset, try this next exercise to assist you.


  • Imagine stepping into a paddling pool that is filled with a shallow layer of soapy water.
  • You find that you are now in the middle of a big round hoop, which is in the paddling pool.
  • Lift this big round hoop out of the soapy water.
  • You find yourself pulling up an enormous soap bubble around you!
  • Only you decide what comes through and what is excluded!
  • This is your space, your boundary!
  • Within this soap bubble, you can be yourself and you can feel good!

I encourage you to try it yourself and experience directly the benefits this exercise can bring.

You can practice this everywhere; at home, on board and en route! All you need is your imagination! Have fun!

If you need any help thinking this through, or practising the exercises i’ve shared with you, you can, as always reply to this email! I guarantee that i will respond to you within 24 hours and am looking forward to connecting with you!

Enjoy your flights and happy landings! I’ll be back in two weeks, Love Marian.

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