Down in the dumps, HELP!

Down in the dumps, HELP!

Last time I wrote about our daughter Emmy taking her final exams this year. She has really been working very hard. Respect! One more exam to take this week: French. The last mile is the hardest…! She is finding it difficult to maintain her concentration now. I can understand! This meant that yesterday she felt down in the dumps…! What a nuisance!….. Ah well, we can all relate to feeling like this, can’t we? Have you been flying three years or longer? If so, then it is very likely that you have had a bad period or perhaps you might be experiencing it right now…? Maybe my lead article can help you?! I invite you to read on.

I’ll be with you again in two weeks time. In the meantime I wish you good flights, happy landings, and fun!!

Kind regards,

Article: Down in the dumps, HELP!

Who doesn’t recognize this feeling?! I remember that I had been flying for about three years and I was fed up with it. At home I was a wreck… Seeing my new flying scedule, I felt fed up: where in the world was i off to now..? I felt that I had lost control of my life. I felt terrible when packing my suitcase. Being at the airport could be fun, meeting and greeting collegues, but the most difficult time was the moment I was onboard and the passengers started boarding. Help, there they are again…! Sometimes I thought: “if someone dares to ask me something now, I will hit them…!” Fortunately this never happened, but just the thought of it…. I felt tired and had zero energy. I couldn’t stand much. I couldn’t handle it and it took some time before I realised that I had burned out. Now I know better.

You are able to stop this, so it won’t go that far! How can you do this? Recognize the signals.

For instance as I was writing above:

  • Seeing my new flying scedule, I felt fed-up.
  • I felt terrible when packing my suitcase.
  • Help, there they are again…!

All of these were very clear signals, as I had never before thought like this, But I didn’t recognise them! What can you do to address how you’re feeling?

  • Do some extra sport.
  • o things which make you happy.
  • Get a good nights rest.
  • Eat healthily and maybe take some extra vitamins.
  • Drink a lot of water

If in the meantime everything goes on as usual. Then visualisations or symbols can help you. Please let me give you an example: “Help, there they are again”. Imagine, you are in the aisle of the aircraft. Passengers are boarding. What do you need at that very moment to handle this in a good and pleasant way? It helps to visualise the situation and to act like you are really in that aisle. Passengers with big suitcases (far too big for hand-baggage) are looking at you.

Understand how this makes you feel and what that does to you. Pay attention to it and give it all the attention it needs right now. Breathe towoards it. Look at yourself with compassion. Accept that you feel this way. It is all right.

By giving it all your attention, you might find that it seems to recede. Giving yourself this attention makes you feel stronger, doesn’t it?!

What else do you need right now, to act in a friendly manner? Please think in symbols! Visualise this symbol. May I help you with some suggestions?

  • Visualize a glass bell around yourself, you are able to hear and see everything, however, nothing can touch you. Now you will be able to welcome all passengers in a friendly manner and also assist them with their luggage if needed.
  • Visualize you are wearing “metal” trousers. This gives you a feeling of strength. When wearing these trousers you can handle anything!
  • Visualize you are wearing a clown suit. This makes passengers laugh. It also makes you laugh 🙂

These are just some of my suggestions! Let them inspire you to visualize exactly what you need at this moment. Use this technique to:

  • Pay attention to your thoughts
  • Understand how your feelings have changed from your initial “help, there they are again!”to now.
  • Notice what you are now doing differently!

I wish you good flights and do take good care of yourself!!!!

If you could use some help with this, or if you have the feeling you need something else, or something more, please contact me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you, you would be most welcome! You can mail me, by replying to this email. Or call me right now. Click here.

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